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Hi! I'm Melanie and I'm a born, raised and current lover of all animals. I have no trouble identifying a dog's breed based solely on their ears and my jacket pockets are never without a horse treat. From the smallest mouse to the biggest horse, I've never met an animal I didn't love.

I pride myself on chasing the best light while respecting each animal as an individual with his or her own temperament.  From the cat who hides under the bed, to the dog who spends more time jumping than standing still, I'm ready. While I love a good portrait, the immaculately cleaned horse paired with the bright eyed smile of their rider, I have an immense appreciation for the candid, quiet moments that often go overlooked...the quick flick of your horse's ear as he listens to your voice intently, the way your dog lifts one paw in anticipation, the look of contentment as your elderly cat leans into you. I strive to create both innovative and heartwarming images that will keep you smiling for years to come.

I know how important these photos are to you because of my love for my own animals. My 21 year old horse, a percheron/quarter horse named Sunny Jane, has been with me since I was 16 years old. My husband and I adopted Joe, our senior Pit Bull, in 2017 and he is our 2 year old son's best friend. Most recently, and much to my husband's dismay, we adopted a basset hound puppy named Matilda. I love my animals, and I will love your's, too.